Blessing Box
 the below pictured box contains Food and items for emergency situations for individuals in the community -
Box is located in our parking lot area

Let us Lift our hand and Lament to our Lord.  Because Togther we will overcome when we walk on the Right Paths of Our Lord

Nothing can separate us from the Goodness of our Lord

May we all pray for God's Healing on us all affected by CoVid19...


God Loves You and So do we. 

 Come Join us... You can view our thoughts and servies on this website.

  You can also come and join us in our building.  We would love to have you as our guest.


Sunday July 10

Join us in Each Sunday.  Either in person in our Sanctuary or with us via our YouTube Livestream or later on Facebook upload video.

Service begins at 9:30 a.m.  Beginning May 1, 2022 join us in our Fellowship Hall for service. You can reach Fellowship Hall on 7th St (door with ramp). 






First United Methodist Church --- Cambridge, Ohio

We are a faith community grounded in God's Love. 

We weclome All    

We are aware that God is the transformer of people's lives.

  We are one means by which you can learn and grow in your understanding of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

 Come Experience the Love we have of the Lord and of you.

Join us on the journey to a Relational connection with God!

Sunday July 31​​​​​​​
Sunday July 24​​​​​​​
Sunday July 17​​​​​​​
Sunday July 10
Sunday July 10
​​​​​​​Sunday  June 26 2022
Sunday  June 19 2022  Happy Fathers Day    Living the Spirit     Partial video because of technical issues and internet being down.
​​​​​​​Sunday June 12

Sunday June 5

Sunday May 29
May 22 Sunday
Sunday June 5
Sumday May 15 2022
What God Calls Clean
Sunday May 8 2022  We Are Witnesses Get Up

Sunday May 1 2022   Who Are You Lord?

Sunday April 24 2022  We Are Witnesses

Easter Sunday April 17 2022

We Are Witnesses

Good Friday April 17 2022

Sunday April 10 2022  Palm  Passion Sunday Service

Sunday April 3 20222   Fragrance of Christ

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
​​​​​​​Welcome Home  12/24/2021

Above are some of our latest  Worship Sevice... Check out the others on our YouTube Channel  ​​​​​​​