Blessing Box
 the below pictured box contains Food and items for emergency situations for individuals in the community -
Box is located in our parking lot area

Let us Lift our hand and Lament to our Lord.  Because Togther we will overcome when we walk on the Right Paths of Our Lord

Nothing can separate us from the Goodness of our Lord

May we all pray for God's Healing on us all affected by CoVid19...

Join Us and discover a Community of love and God's Grace togehter  as we begin delve into the Word of God.

We Are People of God. 

Gearing Up for Life

Join Us for on the many sermons concerning learning to Gear Up for Life.

       Geared Up For Life

     Sunday July 11            " Setting Our Hope"
     Sunday July 18            " He Is Our Peace"
     Sunday  July 25           " Rooted and Grounded in Love"
     Sunday  August 1         " A Life Worthy"
     Sunday  August 8         " Speaking Truth"
     Sunday  August 15        "Giving Thanks"
      Sunday  August 22       "Armored"

  ​​​​​​​ 2021 Geared for Life!  

Summer Time on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. 

Duiring the Summer we will meet in our Fellowship Hall that is accessible from the 7th Street Side and utilizing the 7th Street Ramp Entrance.   Hope to see you either in person or Via our online service...

If wishing to view Online during that time check out our YouTube by searching:  Cambridge First United Methodist

We Upload the YouTube Video here after service ends and should available here in the link to your right no later than 12:15 pm on each Sunday.

We are once again meeting in our sanctuary.  Please join us in the budling or on this page, as well as our YouTube and Facebook for Worship

If coming into the sanctury,  visit the "instructions Tab" for you guidance for Safety procedure to visit our building.   We have ventilation and air circulation in the sanctuary.

Please continue to wear a mask and social distance.

Open seats are marked with a gold ribbon.  Looking forward to you joining us.


 Remember we continue to LiveStream and add recording YouTube, this Website and our Facebook page.

 Let us Celebrate the Greatnest of the Lord.

Visit us on Facebook/YouTube/our Website each Sunday and every day of the week to view our worship services.

Keeping all in prayer and even more during the Coronavirus as we continue to seek ways to protect each other and self.

          So, in a time when we all experience moments of fear and or diminishing hope and need to be apart of a worship expeirence during this time, but a need to feel connected we are here for you:  

    We extend you an invitation to join us in those moment and view our recorded services.  You could also subscribe to our You Tube channel  or check out our Facebook page for a shortened service where we worship our Lord through the gift of the Virtual world.

Then as we work together to overcome this virus with maintaining a safe distance, washing hands, lifting each other up in prayer...We shall overcome.

Let us work together to Discover Hope this Easter Season!

First United Methodist Church --- Cambridge, Ohio

We are a faith community grounded in God's Love. 

We weclome All    

We are aware that God is the transformer of people's lives.

  We are one means by which you can learn and grow in your understanding of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

 Come Experience the Love we have of the Lord and of you.

Join us on the journey to a Relational connection with God!

Geared Up for Life
He Is Our Peace
Sunday July 18 2021  LiveStream on YouTube

Gear Up For Life - Hope  July 11 2021

Sunday July 4, 2021
Bone and Flesh
Sunday June 27 2021
When the Spirit Moves
​​​​​​​  Give All You Can
Sunday June 20, 2021
When the Spirit Moves ___
Enduring the Storm
Sunday June 13, 2021  Become a New Creation
Sunday June 6, 2021  When the Spirit Moves -- Be Rnewed
Sunday May 30, 2021
Born of the Spirit
Sunday May 23, 2021
Spirit Poured Out
Sunday May 16, 2021  We Are Yours
Sunday May 9, 2021
No Greater Love
Sunday May 2, 2021   
Abide in Me (Jesus)

Above are some of our latest  Worship Sevice... Check out the others on our YouTube Channel  ​​​​​​​