Cambridge First United Methodist Church
Relaunch Guidelines for Worship 
June 2020

                We are excited and look forward to relaunching worship in person in our Sanctuary.  We are aware some may have concerns. Therefore, we are taking precautions and believe our guidelines consider all and seek to ensure safety.  We want to assure you that the Task Force’s recommendation and Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines were formed in conjunction with recommendations from your concerns, and are in line with the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, our local health agency, and the CDC.   We are sharing these guidelines with you so you can assess the risk in attending and decide if you want to attend now or wait a bit longer.

               We will continue to offer our worship services online vi a YouTube channel, the Facebook page, and our website, for those who remain at home and any seeking to join us remotely.  Below you will find some of the guidelines we have established.  

 Entry:   Please enter only through the Parking Lot Door and exit through the Steubenville Left hand side door, (the one                             nearest the traffic light)   Note:  a person needing the elevator will ride one person at a time.  This is an exception                     where the person needing the elevator may exit through the Parking Lot Door.
 Documentation of Attendance:   In accordance with the recommendations of the Conference and local health department,                                                                    we will continue take attendance each Sunday for tracking purposes.  This will be done by                                                                    either a designated usher or greeter on one paper. There will be no individual attendance                                                                       slips available.
 Masks and Temperature-taking are recommended for the safety of self and others.  Temperatures will be taken by a                                                                  Contactless Infrared Thermometer.   For safety of all, and as suggested by the CDC, the desired                                                           temperature to attend worship is 100.4 and below.

Gloves, paper masks, (as well as a few cloth masks donated by parishioners) and sanitizer will be available in various                                                         locations, such as at the top of the stairs from the parking lot entry, before entry into the North                                                         Room, and at the exit door to Steubenville

Sanitizing:  We will sanitize the church once a week.  Be reassured that the sanctuary and restrooms will have been       

                        cleaned before your entry.

Groups:   Bible study has been done on a conference call, which can continue in this format, or we can work at coming                               together in the building later. 

 Worship Times:   10:30 a.m.  No early time summer service  (remember online worship will continue)

Seating:    Entry to the sanctuary through North Room door and follow wall area. A greeter will be stationed to direct you. 
                     Be aware that the sanctuary is marked off for social distancing with ropes and paper markings.  We recommend                         filling up the main sanctuary and utilize the North Room for overflow.  

          Note:  Cushions in the main sanctuary have been removed to help in minimizing deep cleaning.

 Currently, the following has been removed:  Bibles, Hymnals, Bulletins, and any other books and handouts.  (Remember, you may bring in your own Bible for your personal use during service)

 Singing, Call to Worship, Responsive Readings:   These are to be done without verbal response as of now.

 Offering:   We will utilize two offering plates that will be placed in strategic locations making it easy for you to place your offering in either on your entry or exit of service.

 Communion:   We will celebrate communion using the “all in one” container of juice and wafer) that will be in separate baggies that you may pick from two locations in the sanctuary. Keep the baggie and put your used container in the trash can as you exit. Thank you!

 Food and Drink:  We will not be providing food or drink during the coming few months.    Water fountains are temporarily discontinued and will be covered to ensure safety of all.  If you need water, please bring in your own closed containers and remove upon exit.

             Again, this information is being provided in helping in your determination of whether you should begin attending now or later.

                 We are looking forward to being together again.

Peace and Blessings. 
    Rev. Tina Gallaher, Relaunch Task Force Team, and Administrative Council